How to avoid the ‘Can you hear me?’ scam

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According to multiple reports, the scam known as ‘Can You Hear Me’ is being exercised widely by fraudsters in the UK.

What is the ‘Can you hear me’ Scam?

The ‘Can you hear me?’ scam is a hoax that forces victims into contracts with just one simple phone call.

In recent cases, the calls have begun with a ‘salesman’ introducing themselves and their business, similar to a cold call.  In a recurring theme, the fraudsters pretend that they cannot hear the victim, asking ‘Can you hear me?’

Unfortunately, the victim only needs to say ‘yes’ before getting sucked into an extortionate contract.

“You’re effectively being tricked into signing a verbal contract, much the same as clicking ‘I agree’ to terms and conditions online. Voice signatures like these are legitimately used by companies doing business over the phone, but this is being exploited by scammers,” reports the Independant.

When the victims have attempted to resist the contract, they are sent a recording of them saying ‘yes,’ agreeing to buy the products and services. On top of this, the scammers have reportedly threatened legal action when the victims refuse to pay.

Stop the scammers in their tracks.
  • Avoid answering unknown number calls. It might seem obvious, but sometimes we worry about missing an important message, or curiosity gets the better of us. It is better however, to just avoid these calls entirely – especially calls that have ‘No Caller ID.’ Just think: If the call is from someone that you know, they will find another way to get in touch.
  • If you do answer and hear ‘Can you hear me?’ trust your instinct – remain silent. This gives the caller the opportunity to talk more, providing more information about themselves first before you reveal personal information.
  • Warn friends and family. Fraudsters target the most vulnerable individuals so informing them of potential scams will minimise their reach.
  • Remain vigilant at all times. Although the ‘Can you hear me?’ hoax is the most common at the moment, fraudsters are seeking increasing opportunities to target people on a day-to-day basis through emails, the internet and the phone. Remember: Your bank will never ask you to confirm your details. If you have any doubts, go to your bank directly.

Find more helpful scam tips at BT.

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