Month: August 2017

How can I improve my businesses’ mobile phone security without compromising on my budget?

  Understand the benefits of Mobile Device Management.  We’ve been discussing how not-for-profits can improve mobile security and team productivity without spending extra money. How? Mobile Device Management. Mobile Device Management helps businesses to take control of their teams’ device use. This is accomplished by enabling business owners and managers to monitor and manage employees’ digital activity using a remote […]

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Apple to launch “Face ID” to use with apps including Apple Pay

  10 years from when the very first iPhone was released, Apple is preparing to launch their most advanced device yet. According to a recent leak, the newest iPhone will feature an exclusive, full-screen design. This will come with a 3D sensor, used to recognise the users’ actions and a new “Face ID” security system. Face ID Recently, […]

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The Best Mobile Network Revealed

Who is the best mobile network platform for users in the UK? Researchers at Rootmetrics have completed a series of experiments to find the highest performing network in the UK.  To determine the result, the study performed a total of 646,230 tests, covering over 21,562 miles. Performance was also measured on roadways and public transport in big cities, […]

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