Apple to launch “Face ID” to use with apps including Apple Pay

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10 years from when the very first iPhone was released, Apple is preparing to launch their most advanced device yet.

According to a recent leak, the newest iPhone will feature an exclusive, full-screen design. This will come with a 3D sensor, used to recognise the users’ actions and a new “Face ID” security system.

Face ID

Recently, Apple mistakenly put secret code up online detailing the features of their soon-to-launch product. Since then, developers have been fighting to uncover the juicy details.

According to iOS developer Guilherme Rambo, the code revealed a new facial recognition system. Nicknamed “Face ID”, the system will use recognition technology to take data points from the users’ face. This will then be used to unlock the device, similar to the fingerprint ID system.

What else?

  • Face ID is apparently able to catch more data points than it’s fingerprint alternative, making the newest handset more secure than ever.
  • An infrared camera will be implemented so that the facial recognition system will work even when visibility is poor.

What’s more, Rambo also exclusively revealed that the code held details of a collaboration between Face ID and Apple Pay.  This suggests that we may soon be using our face to verify payments.


In light of Apples’ 10 year anniversary, the brand will make big changes when it comes to the handsets’ appearance:

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Following in Samsungs’ footsteps, the newest iPhone is set to feature a full, bezel-less screen. Accordingly, the device will stretch to 5.8 inches which is bigger than previous 4.7-5.5 inch iPhones. It is also said that the product will feature a richer AMOLED display which will deliver ‘better contrast, more vibrant colours and include a battery-saving always-on display.’

3D Sensor

More recently there has been discussion surrounding a new, notification feature. Apples’ newest release is said to feature a front-facing 3D sensor which will allow for the phone to detect whether or not a user is actively using the phone, and to silence notifications if you are.’ This will silence a call if your phone is in hand, and will prevent loud notifications when using applications.


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