How can I improve my businesses’ mobile phone security without compromising on my budget?

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Understand the benefits of Mobile Device Management. 

We’ve been discussing how not-for-profits can improve mobile security and team productivity without spending extra money. How? Mobile Device Management. Mobile Device Management helps businesses to take control of their teams’ device use. This is accomplished by enabling business owners and managers to monitor and manage employees’ digital activity using a remote system.



“I’m an IT manager at a large, UK charity. Our employees use their own, personal handsets at work which saves us loads on equipment. However, I am worried about confidential information being shared or lost. How can I improve our security?”

“Mobile devices are highly personal and almost every device will contain a mix of personal and corporate information. IT needs to be able to secure and manage the enterprise information on the device without seeing the personal information. This is critical in a world where privacy is becoming increasingly important to both the user and to all of regulatory communities around the world.”

A Mobile Device Management service will help you to minimise the risk of any confidential data being shared or lost. MDM makes it easy for you to access your employees’ phones by providing you with a remote system that enables you to access your employees’ phones from anywhere and at any time. 

In the event that an employee suddenly resigns or their phone is lost or stolen, you are able to wipe any data from the device and lock the handset so that it cannot be used. This will help to stop any confidential or sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.


“We’re a not-for-profit, so we’re obviously looking to save money wherever we can. Will a Mobile Device Management service help us to do this?”

Yes – you can save money on hardware, support and telecommunication with an MDM service. Most organisations provide employees with work-only phones due to security concerns. However, this can be extremely expensive – especially when your team requires smartphones to access emails and applications. An MDM solution would take away this worry. Instead, you will feel confident knowing that you can easily monitor any suspicious activity and can therefore prevent any security breaches. As a result, employees will be able to utilise their personal phones, delivering massive savings on equipment. 

In addition to this, MDM providers such as SOTI offer a help desk to assist in providing quick resolutions for mobile device queries. With this level of support, you are able to remotely troubleshoot and fix most of your teams’ device issues, reducing both the time wasted relying on external repair or troubleshooting services and the costs associated.



“I’m concerned with how much time my employees spend on their smartphones during the working day. I don’t want to intrude or offend any of my team. Is there any way that I can keep an eye on their activity during work hours?”

A MDM solution will provide you with an easy-to-use interface that can be used to monitor the activity on every device that has been enrolled. This includes the option to track call logs and messages of suspicious nature. You are also able to block access to certain websites and applications during work hours to limit any distractions that may be affecting your team. In addition to this, the system enables you to securely send files, messages and to delegate certain tasks to employees, saving you time on distributing information manually.


… A little bit about Mobile Account Solutions.

Mobile Account Solutions (Holdings) Limited deliver reliable mobile, fixed and cloud telephony to organisations across the United Kingdom. We offer high-levels of customer support in order to help businesses to improve business mobility, efficiency and profitability. We also work alongside various organisations to provide Mobile Device Management services in order to further enhance business security and stability. If you are interested in receiving a bespoke quotation, please contact us on 01920 466466.

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